Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My challenge...

Forgive the Christmasy photo but it's all I have on my computer at the moment. :) We bought our house in October and remodeled it from top to bottom (before and after photos to come) and it has been easy to decorate because our holiday decorations filled up so much space. Now that the holidays are over our house is looking a little empty. Just imagine the room up there with no Christmas decor...its a sad little look.

With my daughters 9th birthday party coming up, I have to get this house in order before the 11th of February. We will be opening up our doors to all of our friends who have yet to see the finished product.

The list of to do is long...funds are short...time is even shorter. I'll take that challenge.

Here's a list of things to do in the living room:

I want to make this from Sew Dang Cute

I was thinking of buying a coffee table off of craigslist and either painting it (which my husband will protest considering I don't have the best history with painting furniture. I think we've thrown away a piece...or two.)

I want a book shelf and a couple of reading chairs to put over where the Christmas Tree is...what do you think?

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