Monday, January 16, 2012

My first official post...

If you're reading this, I'm so excited that some random mis-click brought you to my small area of the Internet. ha ha. Actually, I'm not that hard on myself but I am glad that you're here.

I'm stoked to have a place to share my love of lovely things, people and places.

Prepare for:
  • some funny and maybe some not so funny stories
  • A few pretty pictures thrown in here or there
  • My meager attempts at decorating our new house house (we went from a 900ft two story town house up to a 1248ft ranch style. Not much square footage difference but definite layout difference. Also it has a gigantic backyard!!)
  • A few crafts/sewing thrown in for good measure 
  • Black thumb gardening-what is that you ask? It's what happens to anything I try to grow, it turns black. I am still going to attempt to grow something...last year I grew some Dahlias and if my little squirt didn't accidentally chop the tops off every time he used the hose, they would still be here with us today.
  • Relationship stuff
  • Kids
  • Style inspiration...I wish I was more stylish...maybe taking photos of the clothes I wear will hold me more accountable for my appearance. No more workout pants and hoodies.
  • Music aka free therapy.
 I'm a talker so hopefully that will translate as well as I hope it will.

I hope you're here for the long haul. I  promise to always keep it coming.

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