Friday, January 20, 2012

A shooting star...

Death. For some people its such a scary word and I wonder why that is? Actually if I really think about it, I guess I can see why. There are so many sad ways to die and with all of the lack in faith these days, no wonder people are terrified of it. I sometimes wonder why its not associated more with peace. If you have had a chance to live your life the way that you wanted to, shouldn't death be a peaceful ending to a beautiful story?

Human life is fragile. It is eye opening to think how really short our time is here on the planet and how some of us make better use of the time given to us than others.

Its an odd feeling when someone dies, it is one of sadness but also of appreciation. Appreciation of life, talents, knowledge etc.

One of my favorite singers died today. Her name was Etta James.

Etta was there through thick and thin. When the world around me seemed sad or thick with uncertainty,  I could always count on Etta to help bring me back to center and sweetly sing my heart back to happy. 

The world was lucky to have her and even luckier to have preserved her gift to enjoy time and time again. Here's to Etta!

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