Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another year...

Having children makes it feel like time is going by so much faster. My baby (Jake) just turned 6 and my beauty (Ash) just turned 9. Um what the heck?!? I swear I just birthed them.

I can still remember how they smelled and how they sounded.

I remember how Ash and I figured out how this whole parent/ kid thing was supposed to work-together-alone (well until my mom flew out to help). Sometimes we were both crying but mostly we were both amazed with each other. (Jared was in Iraq for the first few months of her life)

 I remember how Jakey was such a ray of sunshine since his birth..."The Moose" as the nurses called him (He was 10.4 when he was born) would smile at anything. I mean anything. Ashley would wake him up no matter how bad he needed to sleep by waiting until he closed his eyes and then running up and screaming "Wake up Jacob!!!!"  Actually, looking back it's amazing that Ashley lived through that year.

I guess I shouldn't complain about the time passing by. I have 2 beautiful, capable, healthy, intelligent children. I am truly blessed.

Yours Truly,

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