Wednesday, April 4, 2012

If you're going to San Francisco...

The kids are out from school this week on Spring Break and our first stop was...
San Francisco.
I love the city. I find it rejuvenating and I love all of the sights,sounds,smells (even though, by Jake's analysis it smelled like urine) and I love all of the different choices for food. We went with a couple of the kids friends and we hit all of the important spots....

 The Westin St. Francis- you can go in and ride the glass elevators up to the top floors. In my opinion, it has one of the best views of the city. The kids love it.

Chinatown- The kiddos love going into the different shops and buying cute little trinkets. Ash got a panda hat, rhinestone ring and some exploding bombs for about $15. Total bargain :)

The Candy Barrell Down by Fisherman's Wharf- They have these cute little picture cutouts that the kids and I had a blast taking pictures with. The best part about The Candy Barrell is the barrells upon barrells of different  and amazing flavors of salt water taffy. Anything you can think of, (well almost) and they have it! Yummy!

 Jakey waiting for the Cable Car- How can you go to the city without a ride on the cable car? I've heard the one on California St. is a lot less packed but Powell St. was the easiest way to hit all of the sights we wanted to see.
 Boudins Cafe- they make these adorable loaves of bread in all sizes and shapes. We picked up a bunny for Easter brunch for about $5.

 Catching the cute little Dr. Seuss Art Gallery on Geary. It's an awesome tiny place with super cool drawings from the Seuss man.

 Last but not least Union Square. I love people watching there. They have these awesome hearts on the corners that you cannot pass by without a photo.

I love the city and I can't wait for our next adventure there!

Yours Truly,

If you were ever thinking about moving to the city, wouldn't something like this be adorably perfect? I can see it being my weekend home. A girl can dream right?

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