Friday, August 2, 2013

SCPD Memorial Procession

I know this is late but I forgot to hit post and I think this is amazing so I want to share.
2 police officers were killed and while back and all of our close surrounding towns were deeply affected by it. In fact, so many were grieving with the family that they had to have the memorials in San Jose because SC could not hold the amount of people in one building that wanted to show their respect. On almost every St and on EVERY bridge from Santa Cruz to San Jose there were people standing together, crying together and showing love for the people who protect us.

On a side an American, I take for granted that in my worst hour, when I am scared for my life or in mortal danger, when I am terrified and confused about what to do, trained professional people are on call and waiting to save my life. When you think about it, its insane what these amazing people are willing to do.

So I am sending out my heartfelt thanks to any emergency service personnel. I love and thank you.

Here is how we honored them..Watch this amazing video and the love of a community...

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